There are two ways to say “yes” in Icelandic:
  • When answering “yes” to a question, you use .
  • When answering “yes” to a negative question, you use .
Regular questions:
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Góðann daginn, get ég aðstoðað?
, ég er að leita að skyrtu fyrir kvöldið.
ég skil.
  • Negative questions:
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Er þetta ekki gott?
Jú, þetta er mjög gott.

Já já

Já já is a casual way of saying “yeah, sure”.
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Kemur þú í sund?
Já já. Klukkan hvað?
Kannski klukkan 15:00?
Ókei, hljómar vel.

Já (breathing in) 🌬

A strange thing that sometimes startles foreigners is hearing people say “” while breathing in.
Have a listen:
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This also exists in the other Nordic languages, but in Icelandic you can say entire sentences while breathing in.
while breathing in means:
  • Ah yes, I do agree with you.
  • Ah yes, please continue speaking!
It is usually used in casual conversations, where you are casually showing agreement and encouraging a speaker to continue.