Level A1
Click on words to see their translations.
At the end of a sentence and before pauses, certain sounds become pronounced without the voice.
So, at the end of a sentence:
  • The ð sound becomes a þ sound
    • Hvað er að? ▶ Play
  • The v sound becomes an f sound
    • Þú sefur og ég sef. ▶ Play
  • The normal L sound becomes a breathy L sound
    • l er l. ▶ Play
  • The R ▶ Play sound becomes a breathy R ▶ Play sound
    • Ég er eins og ég er. ▶ Play
  • The soft G sound ▶ Playbecomes the soft throaty G sound ▶ Play
    • g eru g. ▶ Play