About the vocabulary game

This is a simple flaschard-based vocabulary game that schedules words using spaced repetition. After rating how well you know terms, you will see difficult terms frequently until they begin to stick in memory. After that, you will see them in ever-increasing intervals.
The game works best if used daily.

If you’re not a beginner

The vocabulary game starts at the beginner level. If you already know some Icelandic, answering “Easy” several times in a row will skip over to some more difficult terms. You will however also often see simple terms since the game will try to make sure that there are no gaps in your knowledge.

The game

This game contains some 2,000 words and sentences that are shown as an infinite stack of flashcards. The cards are sorted based on difficulty and importance. Simpler cards have priority when you’re reviewing cards.
If you fail a card, the game may show you some of its prerequisite words (such as showing you “hálfur” and “tími” when you fail “hálftími”, and showing you each word of a sentence by itself) if you didn’t know them well already.
New terms are shown with a green border on top. Cards that have an audio recording are shown with a small gray dot in the top corner.
Dictionary form” is the basic form of a word that is listed in dictionaries.

The buttons

An explanation of what you should expect from the buttons:
  • Bad” is for cards that you didn’t know, didn’t know perfectly, or had to think hard about. Clicking “Bad” will show you the card again in your current session and will also schedule the card to be seen later today.
  • Good” is for terms you knew perfectly but which you had to think a little bit about. Clicking “Good” will not show it again in your current session.
    • If this is the first time you see this card, it will be scheduled to be seen in three days.
    • Otherwise the card’s previous time interval will be doubled. Always clicking “Good” will therefore show a card in 3 days, then 6 days, then 12, 24 and so on.
  • Easy” is for terms that are far too easy for you.
    • If this is the first time you see this card, you will not see it again. You will however be shown the other side of it in a week.
    • Otherwise the card’s previous time interval will be multiplied by 6.
Unless you already know some Icelandic, you will in most cases only use the “Bad” and “Good” buttons.


Each session lasts 3 minutes; the progess can be seen in the progress bar at the bottom of your screen. The timer will automatically pause when there’s no activity from the user, so you can easily step away from the session. You don’t have to finish the entire session, the words will still be scheduled correctly.

Keyboard shortcuts

Click 1 for “Bad”, 2 for “Good”, and 3 for “Easy”,
The buttons , , , or J, K, L, or A, S, D can also be used for the same purpose.
Click any of the above keys (or Space or Enter) to show the card’s answer.