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How to use this book

This book contains Icelandic text with translations. By clicking on a word you can see its definition. Click twice to see the meaning of sentences. The text will often be difficult, but by slowly reading through it, listening to the audio, and by checking the translation, all text should be manageable and mostly understandable. When you encounter grammatical features which seem to make no sense, just try to grasp the sentence the best you can, all oddities will be explained in later chapters.


To learn Icelandic, we recommend that you:
  • Find someone to speak with you regularly through the internet. You can either find language partners who may be willing to talk to you, but paying for an online tutor will be more reliable.
  • Consume Icelandic media, including music, films, podcasts, Snapchats, newspapers, and Donald Duck magazines.
  • Take classes. The University of Iceland offers both diplomas and bachelor’s courses for very cheap. Evening classes are offered by Mímir and others.
  • Read the texts here on Ylhýra ☺️