Ha? is equivalent to the English “Huh?” or “Hm?” but is used way more than in English and in more circumstances. It means “What did you just say?”, but it’s not rude at all. You say “ha?” when:
  • You didn’t hear what the other person said
  • You just can’t believe what the other person said
Sometimes foreigners think “ha?” sounds too aggressive, like the person saying it is being very rude or angry. That’s not the case at all, “ha?” is a very normal word that’s not rude at all, and it is used both between friends and in professional settings.
Hvað ert þú að gera?
Ég sagði, hvað ert þú að gera?
Sorrí, ég kem ekki á morgun.
Ha?! Af hverju ekki?
Þessi banani kostar 2.000 krónur.
Ha? Það getur ekki verið.