Level A1
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Hérna is the most common pause-word. It literally means “here”, but in this context it just means “uhh, ehh, er, uhm”.
  • ▶ Play Ég veit ekki alveg, hérna, hvenær þetta verður búið.
  • ▶ Play Og hún, hérna, sagði bara nei.
  • ▶ Play Heyrðu, ég er, hérna, halda, hérna, partí, hérna, á sunnudaginn.
    • Note that this example is not an exaggeration, many people do put this many pauses in their sentences when they are trying to find the words. Icelanders do not notice hérna any more than English speakers notice uhhs.
Hérna can also be used to start new timid sentences, “uhh so...”:
  • ▶ Play Hérna, er þessi Ívar frændi þinn?
You should always try to use hérna instead of “uhh” when you forget a word in Icelandic. Remember that it is pronounced [hyedna] and not [hyerdna].