Level A1

To own

“Að eiga” means “to own”. It is also used to mean “to have” as in “I have a family”. It is an irregular verb that changes significantly, being “ég á” (I own) in the first person. Remember that “á” is also a preposition meaning “on; onto”.
Like most verbs, “að eiga” causes the accusative case (the second case).

The “pabbi” declension pattern

The first two cases of “pabbi” (dad) are:
  • hér er pabbi, um pabba
This is a common pattern for masculine nouns. Remember that “hér er” and “um” are helper words used to force the word into the correct case.
  • Hann á pabba. (He has a dad.) – Pabbi is the object of the verb “að eiga”.
  • Þetta er hamborgari. (This is a hamburger.) – The first case is used with “to be”.
  • Ég ætla að borða hamborgara. (I’m going to eat a hamburger.) – It is the object of the verb “að borða”.