Online teachers

  • Icelandic teachers on iTalki. Classes are around 3000 ISK (21 USD) per hour.
  • Mímir, classroom – 36 classes for around 46000 ISK (319 USD). If you live in Iceland and are a part of a labour union, the classes will be subsidized. Online classes start in September and in January.

Language exchange



Teaching material



  • Level B2 Bilingual texts from Carry On Icelandic (2004)
  • Level A2 Árstíðir (2020) – Short stories for learners of Icelandic 2900 ISK (20 USD)
  • Level C1 Donald Duck magazines – these magazines are extremely popular with children in Iceland and Northern Europe.1700 ISK (12 USD)

Other recommended reading


Audiobooks for children

Audiobooks for adults

Children's plays

Children's plays, audio only


Various videos

Various songs


Scripted podcasts

  • Í ljósi sögunnar (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – The most popular Icelandic podcast. A podcast about notable international historical events. The narrator speaks clearly, and the topics might be familiar since they're international.
  • Vísindavarp Ævars (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – Scientific podcast for children. The narrator speaks clearly.
  • Spegillinn (Spotify, iTunes, Android, RÚV) – News analysis.
  • Frjálsar hendur (Spotify) – Deep discussion of history and literature.
  • Halldór Armand (Spotify, Android, RÚV) – Short audio essays.

Unscripted podcasts

  • Já OK (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – Two friends born around 1993 discuss various forgotten parts of modern Icelandic culture.
  • Skoðanabræður (Spotify, iTunes) – Two brothers born around 1996 discuss random things and youth culture. You will find it difficult to understand them because their speech is so slurred, but it's great for practising listening skills for colloquial Icelandic.
  • Segðu mér (Spotify, iTunes) – Various interviews with famous Icelanders.
  • BíóTvíó (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – Two friends have the goal of watching every single Icelandic film and discuss it together in their podcast. They have so far watched around 160.
  • Tvíhöfði (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – A podcast by two comedians that were extremely popular in the 90s.
  • Grínland (Spotify)
  • Sögur af landi (Spotify, iTunes, RÚV) – Interviews with people around the country.
  • Fílalag (Spotify, iTunes, Online) – Discussions of songs, usually American songs.
  • Hemmi frændi
  • Alvarpið – Publisher of various Podcasts

Classes in real life