The letter Ö is pronounced ▶ Play. It is similar to the English pronunciation of bird or nurse. This is a slightly tricky letter to get right, the following advice applies to most students: Try to make your mouth even more circle-shaped and pronounce the sound more forward in your mouth.
It can be short:
  • mistök, jörðin, börn
Or long:
  • mjög, ömurlegt, förum
When it is long, it is pronounced in a long gliding fashion, sort of going from u to ö. You can imagine words like “mjög” being written “mjuöög”. Exaggerating the length of this sound is much better than doing it too short.
If the next letter is ng or nk, it is pronounced like au (which is itself pronounced as “öí”) ▶ Play:
  • löng ([löíng]), bönkum ([böínkum])
The name of the letter is “ö”.