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Male name, short for "Vilhelm"Villi my dearminn, comekomdu[1] to takeað taka cod lived oillýsi.

momMamma, I wantmig langar notekki I wantí cod liver oillýsi, itþað iser disgustingógeðslegt.

are youErtu completelyalveg sureviss?

whoa. waitBíddu, dude, manmaður... is with, haser hehann is with, hasmeð... is with, haser hehann is with, hasmeð baseball capderhúfu?


holyHólí shitsjitt! andOg iser hehann oná skateboardhjólabretti?

ohÓ, yeah.

giveGefðu memér thisþetta.[2]

Lýsi is cod liver oil, a dietary supplement derived from the liver of a fish. It was important for the Icelandic diet in previous centuries, but is viewed as an disgusting annoyance by children who are forced to have a spoonful of it with breakfast, as the substance is oily and a little bit fishy.

The children's packaging of fish oil contains a character who is cool, has a baseball cap, and rides a skateboard.


  1. This word is usually pronounced like "koddu" despite being written as "komdu".
  2. The phrase "Gefðu mér þetta" is slurred so much that it sounds like "Gemméretta".